What we do

Our goal is to advise and guide collectors and professionals to help them build an art collection.

One way we do this is as an Art Consultant.

According to each client’s artistic tastes and budget, Curating Eye offers a personalized selection of art work. Thanks to our partners, we are able to propose a wide variety of contemporary artwork. 

Curating Eye is also an artist’s representative. The company is committed to representing the artists by presenting their work online. We use social networks, blog articles, and artworks descriptions.

Once this period of COVID is definitively behind us, a closer physical involvement with the artworks remains essential for Curating Eye. As our name suggests, we are also curators of art. 

Coucher de soleil

Events & Programs

Due to the current Corona Pandemic, no events are taking place at the moment. Please stay healthy.

Discover our artists

We select the artists we believe to be the most promising.There are artworks for everyone’s taste. Their diversity is their strength. Curating Eye represents every artist presented on our platform, thereby offering them access to a larger community. 

We organize exclusive exhibitions for our artists. Don’t miss the opportunity to see their artwork with your own eyes. From emerging artists to established artists, we support art in the most creative way possible.

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