What we do

Our 3 main goals :  

  1. Advising art collectors and assisting them during the whole acquisition process
  2. Curating the best exhibition by proposing a wide range of options
  3. Representing and managing artists as an agent and spokesperson

One way we do this is as an Art Consultant.
We advise you with a personalized art selection based on your artistic desires, acquisition goals and budget.

We exclusively curate exhibitions our artists and as an independent curator. We would be honored to help with your project.

We manage artists from all around the world. We act as a manager for them, we take charge of everything concerning their work and projects.

Thanks to our partners, we are able to propose a wide variety of contemporary and modern artwork. 

Our company is committed to represent the artists by presenting their work online and in person in our showroom in Paris. We organize private visits to the artist’s studio as well.

Stay informed of the events and exhibitions that we exclusively organize.

Events & Programs

Discover our artists

We select the artists we believe to be the most promising. There are artworks for everyone’s taste. Their diversity is their strength. Curating Eye represents every artist presented on our platform, thereby offering them access to a larger community. 

We organize exclusive exhibitions for our artists. Don’t miss the opportunity to see their artwork with your own eyes. From emerging artists to established artists, we support art in the most creative way possible.

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