The contemporary art market is constantly growing and evolving. Today’s collectors are on the lookout for renowned artists or new emerging artists who are on trend. As an art advisor, we assist and guide all range of collectors to make the right choice by proposing a wide range of services to simplify the acquisition process.

Benefits of consulting Curating Eye

Collectors benefit from a vast knowledge of the art market that has been studied over the years. Art advisors stay up to date with the art market trends. We make sure to get to you the best suited artworks that answer your artistic choice, budget, and the goal of your acquisition.

Today, many are the collectors who reach out to a trusted art advisor to help them navigate through the complexities of the contemporary and modern art market.

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What services do we provide as an art advisor

Find the work of art that will meet all your acquisition objectives, starting with a work that will give to you the greatest pleasure to acquire and guide you towards the purchase of a work that will be likely to increase the artist’s standing over time. To do this, a relationship of mutual trust must be established between the adviser and his client. We meet, we exchange and discuss your objectives in order to meet all your expectations.  

The advantage of using our services is directly related to the fact that we are in close contact with the artists that interest you. By purchasing through Curating Eye, you will only pay the “studio” price of the work plus a 20% commission on the final sale price for our services.

Afterwards, we keep you informed of the art market news concerning the work of the artist you have purchased. In particular, we will keep you advised of new works likely to please you.

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Ludwig Otte
Ludwig Otte