CB Hoyo: the revelation of a contemporary artist

In 1995, this contemporary artist was born in Havana, Cuba. From the very beginning, he was quickly acclaimed by art lovers and collectors. He is increasingly popular and is followed by a large community, especially on social networks. We introduce you to the atypical world of CB Hoyo.

But who is it?

It’s the story of a young man who becomes an artist by expressing himself with bright colors and a lot of humor. He has fun representing the society we live in today in a provocative way. He works with a composition of materials combining historical trends with a contemporary eye. 

Thanks to art, we make art! 

From a young age, the artist has been surrounded by works of art. He starts painting even before he learns to speak. Indeed, his mother took him very frequently to visit exhibitions and museums. Being inspired, he never stopped producing without ever taking himself seriously.

Let’s get serious!

It was only after he moved to Europe that he started to take the plunge. He started to take art more seriously and continued to develop his art further by creating new things. This allowed him to rediscover himself as an artist. Then, recently, he concluded that art is the only thing that really makes him happy. It is by realizing it that he dedicates all his time to art. 

The best school is yourself

The art he appreciates the most: the end of the 19th century. He never took art classes, he learned to develop his style on his own without even a mentor. Three words are enough to describe his artistic expression: Fresh, colorful and fun. His art is about celebrating life. The artist tends to work with recognized and identifiable subjects. By doing so, he reaches out to a wider community.

His techniques

CB Hoyo loves to experiment and use all forms of media. For the vast majority of his works, he produces with acrylic, oil and aerosol cans on canvas while integrating his unique artistic expression. CB Hoyo is making a name for himself on the current art scene. Some of his works are already exhibited in private and public collections on the 6 continents.

The origin of his style

His work merges masterpieces of art history with his own humorous ideas. The first “fake” painting he made was a reproduction of Andy Warhol. Not satisfied with the final result, he decided to write directly on it. The text was simple and direct. His inspiration came from an article he had read about counterfeiting in the art world. The final rendering is amazing for the artist. 

To make fake truth or true fakes?

Since then, he has recreated the works of artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Mark Rothko, Pablo Picasso and Keith Haring among many others. This is how his practice has developed. Since then, he consciously builds a relationship between painting and the messages of his texts. The “Fake” series was born. 

The art market

Little by little his style of painting matured and his painting texts became more and more playful and provocative. The “fakes” become originals, it has become a way for the artist to satirize an art world that often seems to celebrate monetary value rather than mastered artistic technique. 

And the reason for this?

Today, we live in an era marked by social networks as well as “Fake News”. This makes artistic authenticity questionable. Each of his works are linked by a message that unites them. CB Hoyo’s ultimate goal is to create a state of consciousness about today’s false society and to remind people that art is a means of expression of pleasure and that it is imperative that it brings joy in life. 

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