WHAT ISCurating?

The curator represents one of the most fundamentals element in exhibiting an art show in a dedicated viewing room. The essence of our work is to take care of the artistic journey of the artists and/or their works by welcoming them into our projects. We are mostly cultural professionals with a good knowledge of history of art.

Successful curators are the most informed going from one exhibition to another and visiting artists’ studios. They are looking for the trend to appear, on the look out for the most innovative concept or style. They are closely associated with the emerging scene.

The curator does not produce the artworks but he gives them an identity. His role is important, he acts as an interpreter for the audience. He must make the choices in terms of mediation and scenography.

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Why choose Curating Eye to curate your exhibition?

Planning an exhibition has always been a passion for me. It is the very reason for the creation of our structure Curating Eye. As the name suggests, we have an eye for setting up structured, organized and personalized exhibitions. It is with great attention and humanity that we proceed to the selection of the artworks, the artists and the place of exhibition. We create the theme and we write the story that projects the identity of the exhibition.

Our specialty is to find the best location for the event in accordance with the context of the exhibition. We organize not only the transportation of the works of art but also the cocktail party for the vernissage.

What are my services ?

Having completed a Master’s degree specialized in this field, my approach in creating exhibitions is made with a lot of humanity.
In a curatorial project, I am dedicated to seeing the exhibition through from start to finish.

The curatorial services I provide are the following :
  • Selection of the artists, the artworks, and the venue according to the artistic project.
  • Placement of the artworks in the location space
  • The writing of the text that accompanies the exhibition, the purpose of which is to define the theme of the project.
  • The invitation of the guests
  • Always being present during the inauguration of the vernissage
  • Present and explain the essence of the exhibition and assist when ever necessary.

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