Architect & Designer: Why be interested in art?

Interior architecture and art go hand in hand. We advise you to make the right decisions to integrate a work of art in your personal space. Discover the added value of an artistic property in the design of your home.

  • Architecture and art have a lot of similarities

A work of art is usually the last piece that is taken into account in the design of spaces. It is easy to understand why: because art belongs to a category of decorative pieces that is easy to add and use in the final stages of design. It is very rare for a work of art to be in the center of a room. However, interior designers will tell you that they rely heavily on art to work as the central point around which they build the room’s palette. Indeed, a work of art can impose a space design. It can influence the energy and atmosphere of a room with the power to make the room more joyful, more cheerful, even more attractive.

  • Let yourself be carried away

Art can be in the form of paintings, sculptures, wall hangings, etc.. The atmosphere conveyed by a work of art can be just as varied, because art is versatile. You can create a muffled atmosphere to let the artwork shine in the design or simply let it complete the space. However, the potential of this alternative should not be ignored!

  • Choose what reflects you

When the interior design is completed, that’s when the design of the space is taken into account to add a work of art. This masterpiece will come to set the tone of the architectural composition with emotion and in adequacy with the objects of the property to finally find the personality of its owner.

  • In relation to your environment

In general, the purchase of a work is the icing on the cake, it is chosen last. However, some architects advise to rely on the artistic movement and then decorate the space based on the owner’s artistic choice.

  • The centerpiece

Paints are a great way to bring life into a room. Whether modern or classic, paint can also serve as a focal point. A kind of center of attraction around which the theme of the room is built.

  • Only the painting?

Drawings, lithographs and prints are the easiest way to replace the sometimes too expensive paintings. They do a pretty good job of rendering a painting so that their results are similar to a painting, especially in modern and contemporary interiors.

  • The financial value

To conclude, the advantage that the artwork of your choice has is that it is perceived as an investment in time. In addition to admiring it in your architectural design, this integral part of interior design can be particularly interesting in the long term. It goes without saying that your acquisition has all the means to increase in value in the future.

  • Infinite potential

There are so many possibilities to imagine and so many advantages in designing a living space through art. The possibilities are endless so don’t hesitate to consult your interior architect and designer to dedicate a space for the work of your dreams!

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